Client Case Study: Major Card Issuer

Victrio is stopping significant fraud at one of the world's largest credit card issuers. Similar to most card issuers, the client was experiencing account takeover fraud in its call center operations. The Victrio system identified some of the most prolific fraudsters, stopped them by recognizing their calls, and ultimately drove them away – for significant business impact.

  • Reduced fraud by nearly 30% within 2 months of implementation
  • Tracked most prolific individual fraudsters across multiple accounts – averaging 37 calls per month
  • Confirmed an 80% repeat fraud rate (percentage of fraud calls by previous callers)

Industry-Leading Experience

Overall, Victrio provides call center fraud protection to some of the world's largest banks and card issuers. Victrio's experience leads the field:

  • Screens over 10M calls per month
  • Has assembled the largest voiceprint fraudster database in the world
  • Has caught over 10,000 confirmed fraud calls
  • Has collared over 50 international and domestic fraud rings
  • Has profiled over 20 distinct fraud schemes/scams

SVP Fraud Ops

Top 5 U.S. Bank

We've all been investing in fraud tools for years. Yet Victrio allows us to detect a remarkable amount of uncaught fraud that's been eluding us.