Traditional KBA doesn't stop professional fraudsters

Today, traditional call center security isn't stopping professional fraudsters who are armed with better technology, stolen identities, social engineering skills, and ring coordination. Recent data shows an increasing number of successful attacks, with KBA (knowledge-based authentication) beaten 80% of the time.

Most fraud is repeat calls by the same fraudsters

Professional fraudsters explore a call center's processes, discover weaknesses, then repeatedly attack. Using Victrio, clients can measure the 'repeat fraud rate', the percentage of total fraud calls in a time period by the same callers. Repeat rates are measured to be shockingly high across the industry:

  • Brokerage fraud: 71%-89% repeat rate
  • Credit Card fraud: 72%-95% repeat rate
  • Deposit Account fraud: 42%-76% repeat rate
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Avivah Litan

Gartner Analyst

The KBA processes don't work well anymore. One large financial-services company told me they got a 15-20% failure rate with external challenge questions.