Recognize the fraudster's next call - without customer interruption

When a fraudster calls again, Victrio immediately recognizes them by matching their unique voice and call profile stored from previous fraud events. Victrio can screen live agent calls, IVR calls, or call recordings in real time or near-real time. Without asking security questions, Victrio passively screens the incoming call against a stored database of fraudster ‘voiceprints’. Any matches are reported to the agent or fraud management system. Thereby Victrio clients improve fraud detection, without impacting customer satisfaction or their existing call center processes.

Victrio’s critical success factors:

  • The fraudster’s voiceprint provides a unique identifier – which can’t be disguised without detection.
  • Victrio significantly reduces fraud – by stopping the profiled fraudster's future calls, since the industry's repeat attack rate is 75%-95% across lines of business.
  • Victrio works passively in the background – unlike KBA questions or traditional voice biometrics with active enrollment/ authentication.
  • Victrio achieves high accuracy at scale – with unique technology that screens/profiles against large call volumes and fraudster databases.
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Victrio alerts institutions when voices linked to previous fraud incidents
call in.

" Voice Biometrics
as a Fraud Fighter"

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