• Faster Authentication for Customers

    Victrio’s silent screening reduces security questions

    Victrio silently authenticates callers by matching their audio profile, without requiring specific enrollment or verification questions. Victrio updates agents of matches in real time, which reduces security questions and agent handle time. Legitimate customers enjoy a faster and easier call experience.

  • Stop the Professional Fraudster

    Victrio stops 80% more fraud by recognizing fraudster voices

    Victrio’s silent screening stops fraudsters on a call by matching their voice and call behavior against previous attacks. With Victrio running, clients stop 80% more fraud, and discover that the majority of total fraud is repeat attacks by professional fraudsters. Victrio maintains the largest fraudster voiceprint database in the world.

  • Proven Solution for Identity Confidence

    Victrio clients include global Top 10 financial institutions

    Leading call centers use Victrio for better security and customer experience. Victrio shortens the authentication process and increases fraud detection by screening caller audio - against voice biometric, signal, and metadata profiles. Victrio clients improve customer satisfaction, stop more fraud, and reduce agent handle time costs.


Watch a brief overview of the Verint Fraud Detection Solution:


Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Victrio, an innovator in fraud prevention and authentication solutions. Verint and Victrio combine industry-leading voice biometrics and data science with proven workforce optimization (WFO) solutions, furthering the company’s strength in fraud and risk analytics.


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Finally the fraudster is trackable. Once Victrio has profiled a fraudster's voice, they're detected on all future calls – even before they commit fraud. When you listen to a real fraudster at work, their audio trail spans multiple accounts over time. Victrio proactively stops even 'setup' calls that precede an account takeover.