Client Case Study: Telesales for National Wireless Carrier

Victrio was approached by a large national wireless carrier to help stem the tide of fraud losses within their Telesales organization. Victrio was successful both in terms of fraud stoppage and rapid deployment:

  • Rapid integration in weeks within call center environment
  • Contributed to significant reduction in call center fraud – 82% reduction over 1 year
  • Confirmed an 87% repeat fraud rate (percentage of fraud calls by previous callers)
  • Measured average fraudster’s transaction to involve more handsets than legitimate orders
  • Tracked large fraudster 'overlap' between multiple carrier clients

Global Fraudster Database (among participating clients)

Victrio hosts a shared Global Fraudster Database among participating clients. Participating carriers have detected first-time callers who have defrauded other carriers or banks. Victrio data shows a high degree of fraudster 'overlap'. A sizeable number of fraudsters are observed attacking multiple carriers, often on the same day. The program adheres to strict privacy and governance policies.

Sr. Fraud Exec

Top 4 U.S. Carrier

Victrio, in combination with other tools, helped to dramatically reduce our fraud losses.