Victrio clients include U.S. national wireless carriers

Victrio is deployed today at major wireless carriers. The Telesales function is typically Victrio's first application. Clients see these benefits:

  • Increase fraud reduction – Victrio stops the professional fraudsters that systematically cause most fraud losses.
  • Reduce security questions and customer interruption – Victrio works passively and doesn’t disturb customers or existing KBA systems.
  • Screen live agent calls, IVR calls, or call recordings, in real time and near-real time.
  • Deploy as a Victrio-hosted service or on-premise solution, as needed.

Industry-Leading Experience

Overall, Victrio provides call center fraud protection to some of the largest wireless carriers and financial institutions. Victrio's experience leads the field:

  • Screens over 10M calls per month
  • Has assembled the largest voiceprint fraudster database in the world
  • Has caught over 10,000 confirmed fraud calls
  • Has collared over 50 international and domestic fraud rings
  • Has profiled over 20 distinct fraud schemes/scams

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