Victrio’s solution can be either fully hosted by Victrio or deployed on-premise according to the needs of the client. For Victrio’s various Fortune 50 financial services and wireless carrier clients the fully hosted deployment model is the most popular.

Fully Hosted (Victrio)

In a Fully Hosted Deployment Model a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server resides on-premise at the client's selected location. Call information and metadata are aggregated at this SFTP server and then securely transferred to Victrio Hosted Platform where the Processing Modules and Voiceprint Databases are located.

On-Premise (Client Site)

In an On-Premise Deployment Model Victrio servers and Processing Modules are placed in the client's selected location. The client still benefits from the Voiceprints Databases by accessing it at Victrio's Hosted Platform via secure channels through the internet.