Targeting fraudsters but not customers - unlike traditional KBA

Victrio is a precise solution to the repeat, professional fraudster problem – targeting fraudsters without making demands on customers. In a typical call center, only 1 out of 5,000 calls are fraud, and the rest are genuine customers burdened by the complete security gauntlet of traditional KBA. Victrio's novel approach determines a call's 'Identity Confidence' by matching its voiceprint and audio characteristics against a fraudster database sourced by historical fraud events. By silently screening calls in the background, Victrio's approach precisely targets the fraudster without annoying customers.

Victrio screens incoming agent calls, IVR calls, or call recordings against the Fraudster Database. The Identity Confidence is scored and reported to the agent or fraud management system.

Identity Confidence is established by analyzing information assets within a call. These assets include voice biometrics, signal line characteristics, fraudster 'tells', metadata, and cross-institutional activity identified in the Fraudster Database. In combination, these techniques provide our clients with superior detection and false positive rates.

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